How to?

Get more bookings

Before we give you a heads-up on how to get more views/bookings, let us explain the algorithm behind the listings display.

  1. For performance reasons, we only display 10 listings on a page.
  2. Listings are displayed in descending order based on the date and time it was last updated/modified. (last updated/modified, goes to the top)
  3. Promoted listings are displayed using the same algorithm, but always above non-promoted listings.

Now here’s how you can get more views

  1. Update your listing regularly. Add a new image or video, a new offer, adjust prices, etc
  2. Upgrade your listing to promoted status

Benefits of promoted listing,:

  1. Always on top (when search filter matches your services)
  2. More page views / potential customers
  3. 12 hours advanced notification of bookings made via I.D.S. booking system

Listings can be promoted for a one-month interval.  Here’s how to do it

  1. Subscribe here (minimum 1 month)
  2. Refer a friend (get featured for 1 month)